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Diabetes and Endocrinology Educational Programming

What Every Physician Wants Their Patients to Know: Diabetic Neuropathy

11 minutes
Dr. Jeffrey Nelson
Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate. This video provides the latest strategies for diagnosing and treating various types of nerve pain originating from diabetes. Dr. Jeffrey Nelson addresses the serious issues related to diabetic neuropathy, including discussions of the use of proper foot care, anti-seizure medications and antidepressants to manage the disease.
$120.00 USD

Diabetes: DCCT

Program no. MB-0329N, 90 minutes
Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE; Jerome Fischer, MD; Christy Franckoviak, RD
Disease management of diabetes, w/ special emphasis given to the results of the DCCT trial and tight glucose control. Intensive insulin management and insulin pump therapy will also be discussed.
$249.00 USD

Diabetes Update: Advances in Research Therapy

Program no. MB-1109M, 60 minutes
Brian R. Tulloch, MD; Craig Hanis, PhD; Sherwyn L. Schwartz, MD; Stanley Feld, MD
Diabetes and kidney disease current and future therapy; diabetes control and complications trials; complications and mortality rate among Mexican Americans with Type 2; introduce a system for intensive self management of Diabetes Mellitus. $209.00 USD

Advances in Management of Weight Loss

Program no. MC-0911M , 60 minutes
Alan R. Shuldiner, MD; Richard L. Atkinson, MD; F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD; George Bray, MD
Overview of Genetics in People of Obesity; Treatment of Obesity with Drugs; Health Risks Related to Obesity; Prevelance & Mechanism of Obesity.
$209.00 USD

Management of the Diabetic Patient While Tube Feeding

Program no. MD-0327N, 60 minutes
Leigh B. Bak, RN, MS, CDE; Kathy Heard, RN, MSN; Genevieve P. Kearney, MS, RD, CD-N
This program identifies situations when enteral nutrition via tube feeding would be indicated; identifies appropriate enteral formulas for diabetic patients receiving tube feedings; discusses complications of tube feedings and strategies to avoid and or minimize risks; states and issues unique to managing the diabetic patient who is being tube fed; identifies strategies to maintain acceptable blood sugars in patients with diabetes on enteral feedings.
$209.00 USD

Rationale for Achieving Optimal Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients

Program no. MD-0520P, 60 min.
R. Keith Campbell, RPh, FASHP, CDE; Julie C. Oki, PharmD, BCPS
Provide an update on the treatment of diabetes, including a review of the rationale for and means of achieving optimal glycemic control. Specific topics covered include: Discussion of the rationale for achieving optimal glycemic control in both type I and type II diabetic patients; Recent advances which may aid in achieving optimal glycemic control in type II diabetic patients; Methods to improve glycemic control in patients with type I diabetes.
$209.00 USD

Treatment of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a Sound Approach Based Upon its Pathophysiology

Program no. MD-0506N, 60 min.
Ralph A. DeFronzo, MD
This program is designed to give family care physicians, as well as other healthcare professionals, a better understanding of diabetes mellitus. The program features a leading medical expert giving a presentation on the treatment of Type 2 diabetes based upon its pathophysiology. The program also addresses goals for treatment, currently available medications and the prevention of complications.
$209.00 USD

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