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Gastric Disorders Educational Programming

Dysepsia: A Critical Appraisal

Program no. MA-0712M, 120 minutes Presenters: David Metz, MD; Charles Sninsky, MD; Peter F. Malet, MD; Donald O. Castell, MD; Henry P. Parkman, MD
A group of leading physicians discuss pathophysiology and treatment of dyspepsia caused by H. pylori infection and gallbladder dysfunction, motility abnormality of the small bowel and gastroduodenal motility dysfunction, and endoscopy negative GERD as a cause of dyspepsia.

$289.00 USD

Liver Disease: Hepatitis B & C

Program no. MA-0712M, 120 minutes Presenters: Gary Trey, MD; Robert Carithers, MD; Eugene Schiff, MD; Howard Rosenblate, MD; Luis Balart, MD; Raymond Koff, MD; Terressa Wright, MD
Clinical overview of B&C, extra hepatic manifestations, vaccines for B, standard treatment and early treatment in asymptomatic patient Antibodies and use of PCR diagnostically, liver biopsy and prognastic indicators, hepatitis in Immunosuppressed patients: transplant recipients and HIV patients.

$289.00 USD

Cancer Update: Colorectal Cancer

Program no. MC-0213M, 90 minutes Presenters: Nicholas Petrelli, MD,FACS - Neal Meropol, MD - Tyvin Rich, MD - Alan Venook, MD
Intro on the Management of Advanced Breast Cancer and the Use of Standard Chemotherapy; Current Hormonal Therapy and New Hormonal Agents in the Management of Breast Cancer; New Agents, including Taxol and Taxotere; Use of Navelbine and Clinical Trial Results.

$249.00 USD

Recent Advances in the Management of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Program no. ME-1001M, 90 minutes Presenters: Douglas Drossman, MD; Howard Mertz, MD; William Whitehead, PhD; W. Grant Thompson, MD; Brenda Toner, PhD
Describe the application of symptom-based criteria for diagnosis of IBS; Characterize the role of dysmotility and visceral hypersensitivity in IBS; Care of patients with IBS; Role of pharamacotherapeutic agents.

$249.00 USD
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