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Geriatrics Educational Programming

Geriatrics Horizons: Management of Asthma

Program no. MB-0719M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Stanley J. Szefler, MD; Timothy Craig, DO; Sally Wenzel, MD-G; Dennis Clifton, PharmD; Robert J. Kuhn, PharmD
Major aspects of care; importance of allergy in asthma pathophysiology; practical aspects measuring the response to asthma management procedures and how they can be easily applied; opportunities for improving the cost-effectiveness of asthma treatment; define the pharmacist's role in patient compliance and managed care.

$249.00 USD

Geriatrics Horizons: Alzheimer's Disease

Program no. MB-0711M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Lisa P. Gwyther, MSW; Pierre N. Tariot, MD; Cornelia Beck, PhD; Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD
Awareness of what patients & families want from health professionals; behavioral intervention which can be used to decrease disruptive behaviors and functional performance; Learn the cardinal features of dementia which will permit early diagnosis.

$249.00 USD

Concepts and Controversies in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis

Program no. MB-1024M, 90 minutes
Presenters: David J. Baylink, MD; Robert Lindsay, MD; Michael J. Maricic, MD; Charles H. Chestnut, III, MD
Focuses on this prevalent disease, which is gaining increased attention as an important issue in woman's health and geriatric medicine. Program also focuses on the fundamentals of agents used for the treatment of osteoporosis, including side effects, efficacy, compliance, dosage regimen, and the need for additional drugs.

$249.00 USD

Management of Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Program no. MB-1128M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Richard M. Pope, MD; Tom D. Geppert, MD; David E. Trentham, MD; Richard P. Pollison, MD; Lee S. Simon, MD
Principles for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, importance of early recognition, conservative management of patients - both medical and physical therapy based on pathophysiologic mechanisms, expected clinical management.

$249.00 USD

Palliative Care: Therapies for the Dying Patient

Program no. MA-0628M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Robert N. Butler, MD; Sean Morrison, MD; Jane Morris, RN, MS; Kathleen M. Foley, MD, Robert Burt, JD
How people die in the US; Differences, if any, in the ways men and women die; The common wish of patients to die at home; Financial costs associated with medical care of the dying; Myths and truths about physician's legal responsibilities to dying patients. How to assure a peaceful death.

$249.00 USD

Challenges in Depression: Managing the Patient with Special Needs

Program no. MB-1115M, 120 minutes
Presenters: James H. Kocsis, MD; Sanford Finkel, MD; Paul J. Goodnick, MD; Andrew Winokur, MD, PhD; Susan G. Kornstein, MD
Review developments in the diagnosis of patients with depressive disorders; Review approaches to treatment; Review current status of preventing relapse; Review and focus on the needs of special populations with depression.

$229.00 USD

Promoting Healthy Aging: Managed Care and the Older Patient

Program no. MC-0412M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Robert N. Butler, MD; Frederick T. Sherman, MD,MSc; Emily Rhinehart, RN, MPH, CPHQ; Skip Klein, CFA; John C. Rother, JD
Roundtable discussion of managed care and the older patient.

$249.00 USD

Managing Depression: Considerations in the Older Patient

Program no. MC-0515M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Robert L. Spitzer, MD; K. Ranga Krishnan, MD; Sheldon H. Preskorn, MD
This program features leading medical experts presenting information on short and long term treatment of mood disorders. The faculty will address diagnosis, treatment options, clinical drug therapy, and management of mood disorders in the older patient. Additional topics wil be: polypharmacy, comorbid medical conditions, drug interactions, and the impact of depression on cognition, functions, and motor skills.

$249.00 USD

Promoting Healthy Aging: Overcoming Late-life Depression

Program no. MC-0614M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Robert N. Butler, MD; Gene Cohen, MD, PhD; Myrna Lewis, MSW; Wanda Simmons-Clemmons, MD; Trey Sunderland, MD
A roundtable of world renowned geriatric specialists will address issues surrounding late life depression including warning signs, symptoms, and methods used to aid geriatric depression sufferers.

$249.00 USD

EMS: Care of the Elderly in the Emergency Department

Program no. MC-0730E, 60 minutes
Presenters: Carmel Bitondo Dyer, MD; Susan A. Harris, MD; Janice L. Zimmerman, MD; Mary S. Gleason, MSN, RNC
Abuse of the Elderly; Recognition and Management of Delirium in the Elderly Patient; Evaluation of the Geriatric Patient; Falls in the Elderly.

$209.00 USD

Alzheimer's Disease: Advances in Diagnosis & Treatment

Program no. MA-0628M, 120 minutes
Presenters: Donald Royall, MD; Steven Inbody, MD; Rachelle Doody, MD, PhD; Jary Lesser, MD
Understanding problem behaviour and dementia, strategy for treating Alzheimer's, differential diagnosis, management of non-cognitive symptoms.

$289.00 USD

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Program no. MD-0423E, 60 minutes
Presenters: Robert G. Nixon, BA, EMT-P; Jerry Douglas, MD; Ramona Stanfill, RN
This program will feature experts giving presentations on how to understand Alzheimer's disease and its effects. This program is designed to educate emergency medical professionals and nurses on the care of the patient with Alzheimer's disease, as well as dementia. This program will increase the viewer's awareness of Alzheimer's signs and symptoms, differentiate dementia from senility and focus on how to care for the patient with Alzheimer's disease.

$209.00 USD

Advances in Managing Alzheimer's Disease

Program no. MD-0722P, 60 minutes
Presenters: Kevin M. Furmaga, PharmD; Michael Koronkowski, PharmD; Vinod Kumar, MD, MRC
Topics include: Pathophysiology and Non-Cognitive Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease; Cognitive Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease; Future Directions in Drug Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease.

$209.00 USD
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