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Cancer and Endocrinology Educational Programming

Diagnosis & Treatment of Urologic Cancers

Program no. MA-0224M, 120 minutes
Seth Lerner, MD; Ron Bukowski, MD; Chris Logothetis, MD; Richard Williams, MD; Michael Sorodsky, MD
This program deals with testes cancer; bladder cancer- BCG, alternatives to BCG therapy, and metastatic bladder cancer; and renal cell cancer - single agent therapies including IL-2 high dose and alpha interferon, combination therapy of IL-2 low dose and alpha interferon, and surgery to treat renal cell - does it improve survivability
$289.00 USD

Cancer Update: Diagnosis & Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Program no. MA-0309M, 120 minutes
Joseph Oesterling, MD; Arthur Porter, MD; Anthony Zeitman, MD; Jerry Ritchie, MD; David Paulson, MD; Michael K. Brawer, MD
Featured topics of this program include the use of PSA in diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer, transrectal ultrasound, improving the results of radical treatment for locally advanced prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, maximum androgen deprivation therapy, and radionuclide therapy for metastatic prostate cancer.
$289.00 USD

Breast Cancer: Advances in Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

Program no. MA-0411M, 180 minutes
Laszlo Tabar, MD; Linda Warren, MD; Richard Bird, MD; Jeffery Weinreb, MD; Kevin Fox, MD; Barbara Fowble, MD; Michael Osborne, MD; John Hainsworth, MD
Topics included in this program are: The effectiveness of mammographic screening; the diagnostic workup: mammography, sonography, MRI; and therapeutic options: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. $329.00 USD

Advances in the Treatment of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Program no. MA-0922M , 120 minutes
Walter J. Curran, Jr., MD; David S. Ettinger, MD; Chandra P. Belani, MD; Dawn Moose, MD
Integration of Chemotherapy and Radiation for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; New Drugs in Treatment of NSCLC; Recent Improvements in the Management of NSCLC; Management of Anorexia and Cachexia for Patients w/ NSCLC
$289.00 USD

Program no. MC-0918M , 150 minutes (Extended Version)
$309.00 USD

Program no. MD-0506M , 90 minutes (Condensed Version)
$249.00 USD

Cancer Pain Management: Identifying Appropriate Nursing Roles & Interventions

Program no. MA-1107N, 120 minutes
Leta Truett, RN, MN, CCRN; Deborah M. Thorpe, PhD, RN, CS; Mary Cunningham, RN, MS; Talulah Ruger, RN, BSN
This program features physicians and doctors discussing various appropriate nursing rules and interventions in pain management. The major areas of discussion are as follows: acute or post-operative pain management - current techniques and therapies, barriers to effective management; chronic non-malignant pain management or behavioral/cognitive pain management- classifications of chronic non-malignant pain characteristics, data collection, and treatment, cancer pain management - dosing regimens; nursing assessment for acute, chronic non-malignant or cancer pain - current therapies and techniques, point controlled analgesia (PCA), epidural analgesia.
$289.00 USD

Disease Management: Breast Cancer

Program no. MB-0308M, 60 min.
V. Craig Jordan, PhD, D.Sc; Gabriel Hortobagyi, MD, FACP; Monica Morrow, MD
Long Term Tamoxifen Treatment for Breast Cancer, High Dose Combination Chemotherapy, and Issues in the Local Therapy of Breast Cancer.
$249.00 USD

Disease Management: Prostate Cancer

Program no. MA-1130M, 120 min.
Paul Shelhamer, MD; Charles Metzger, MD; Anthony Zeitman, MD; Mark Solloway, M
A prestigious panel of physicians discussing the management of prostate cancer with specific topics including: anti-androgens and the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer; management of prostate disease in a single specialty managed care environment; neoadjuvant therapy and radiotherapy.
$289.00 USD

Cancer Update: Diagnosis & Treatment of Leukemia

Program no. MB-0221M, 120 min.
Richard Champlin, MD; Bruce D. Cheson, MD; Michael Bishop, MD; Frederick R. Appelbuam, MD; Frank J. Giles, MD; Charles A. Schiffer, MD
For physicians who have interest in or occasion to diagnose or treat cancer patients. Presentations will feature discussions about various leukemias and treatments of the disease.
$289.00 USD

Bladder Cancer: Improved Treatment Options

Program no. MB-0301M, 120 min.
William U. Shipley, MD(Moderator); Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD; Harry W. Herr, MD; Mark S. Soloway, MD; M'Liss A. Hudson, MD; Niall M. Heney, MD; Paul F. Schellhammer, MD; Donald S. Kaufman, MD
Topics include superficial and invisible bladder cancer, diagnosis of patients presenting with either hematuria and dysuria, endoscopic and intravesical chemotherapeutic methods, systematic chemotherapy for advanced bladder cancer.
$289.00 USD

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