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Pediatrics Educational Programming

Cystic Fibrosis: Research & Treatment

Program no. MA-0601M, 120 minutes
Presenters: Loren Glasser, MD; Pete Hiatt, MD; Jeffrey Whitsett, MD; Michael Knowles, MD; Beryl Rosenstein, MD
Topics covered in this program include: an overview of cystic fibrosis and discussion of new directions in therapy; respiratory viral infections; gene therapy; and the use of pulmonzyme in treatment of cystic fibrosis.

$289.00 USD

EMS Update: Emergency Services for Children

Program no. MC-1115E, 60 minutes
Presenters: Jocelyn Hulbert; Rene Morrissey, RN, EMT-P; Gayle Jones, RN, BSN, MA; Bryna Helfer, MA
Identify 3 chronic conditions that lead increased risk for medical emergencies, find areas where prehospital or acute care providers can assist children with special health needs, benefits of early referral to physical medical and rehab programs.

$209.00 USD

EMS Update: Pediatric Poisonings

Program no. MC-1115E, 60 minutes
Presenters: Martin G. Hellman, MD, FAAP, FACEP; Lisa Deranek, MD; Jeffrey Ekstein, MD; David Uchlcin, RN
Most common poisons encountered in the pediatric population; Assess the pertinent information in the pre-hospital setting; Discuss the pertinent pre-hospital treatment modalities; Understand common signs and symptoms of lead poisoning; Recognize the pre-hospital provider's role in averting pediatric poisoning.

$209.00 USD

Pediatric Horizons: Cystic Fibrosis

Program no. MB-0131M, 30 minutes
Presenters: Antonio Buzaid, MD; Merick Ross, MD
Adjuvant Therapy: Interferon and New Advances in Patients with Advanced Diseases; Diagnosis and Prognosis of Primary Melanoma.

$189.00 USD

Importance of Postpartum Home Visits

Program no. ME-0930N, 90 minutes
Presenters: Linda J. Tandy, MSN, RN, CCM, IBCLC
Identify postpartum patients; List common early healthcare needs of the patient; Nursing interventions for identifying patients; How skilled nurses can effect change through education.

$209.00 USD
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