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Managed Care Educational Programming

Promoting Healthy Aging: Managed Care and the Older Patient

Program no. MC-0412M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Robert N. Butler, MD; Frederick T. Sherman, MD,MSc; Emily Rhinehart, RN, MPH, CPHQ; Skip Klein, CFA; John C. Rother, JD
Roundtable discussion of managed care and the older patient.

$249.00 USD

Health Outcomes Research

Program no. MA-1026P, 60 minutes
Presenters: Barry Kass, RPh, MBA; Judith Barr, ScD; Gerald E. Schumacher, PharmD, PhD
This program provides an introduction to health outcomes research with an examination of the links among structure, process, and outcomes in clinical interventions and health delivery systems. System-based and patient-centered outcomes will be discussed with administrative, clinical and economic examples drawn from therapeutic drug monitoring, DUR/DUE, and other pharmacy-related topics.

$209.00 USD

Systems Management of Medicine

Program no. MA-1101P, 120 minutes
Presenters: Kenneth R. Cohen; Johnathan Peck, MA; Judith K. Jones, MD, PhD; Eleanor M. Vogt, RPh, PhD
This panel of forward thinkers will examine healthcare in a whole new way - defining relationships in what seems to be a chaotic sea of independently managed treatment components. This program will provide understanding of the concepts of management, disease management, and integrated health data management systems.

$289.00 USD

Formulary Development and Compliance

Program no. MB-0125P, 90 minutes
Presenters: Perry Cohen; Joseph Ober, Pharm.D; Sharon Montgomery, MA, RPh; J. Russell May, PharmD
Explains the evolution of managed care, discusses the important issues facing managed care including outcomes, disease management, and pharmacoeconomics; formulary development; explains the impact of the formulary on the pharmacist, hospital and community.

$249.00 USD

Outcome Studies: Pain Management

Program no. MB-0208H, 90 minutes
Presenters: Barry Cole, MD; Richard Thomas, RN,MBA; Ray Moreno, RPH, MBA; Richard S. Weiner, PhD
Outcome Study Participation-Necessary Today; Practical Consideration; Report Cards; Severity/Risk Adjustments; Patient Satisfaction; Outcomes Measurement: A Competitive Tool; Rewarding Successful Service; Getting Started.

$249.00 USD

Marketing Managed Care

Program no. MB-0524H, 60 minutes
Presenters: Fred Hunt, Miek McAllister, Glenn, Shively, L. Jerome Ashford
Hints for marketing managed care, effects of changes on individuals and employers, suggestions on better understanding the new environment and how to ease transitions.

$209.00 USD

HEDIS: What Does It Really Mean?

Program no. MB-0906H, 60 minutes
Presenters: Margaret Mulligan; Margaret E. O'Kane; Alfredo Czerwinski, MD
Healthplan Employer Data & Information Sets(HEDIS), comparison shopping, benchmarking for outcomes, how to best utilize existing data, the limitations of existing data, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA0 near-term and future initiative).

$209.00 USD

Medical Ethics: Futility & Clinical Decision Making

Program no. MB-0913H, 90 minutes
Presenters: M. Jan Keffer, PhD; Loretta Kopelman, PhD; Amir Halevy, MD; Alan Meisel, JD
Identify the various conceptions of futility; what circumstances futility is consider in the clinical setting; how to determination of futility can be intergrated into clinical practice; how to make a determination of futility; various instruments used to measure futility; research being conducted; problems for society and healthcare delivery if a taxonomy of procedures might be labeled as futile.

$249.00 USD

The Revolution: Integrated Healthcare Systems

Program no. MB-1006H, 150 minutes
Presenters: Margaret Mulligan, MH Magazine, et al
Challenges and insights into the formation and growth of integrated healthcare delivery systems.

$309.00 USD

Development of Quality Standards for Managed Behavioral Health Organizations

Program no. MD-0124H, 60 minutes
Presenters: E. Clarke Ross; Bruce Davidson, MSW, CEAP; Rhonda Robinson-Beale, MD; Margo Edmunds, PhD; Ron Manderscheid, PhD
This roundtable discussion features leading managed healthcare experts discussing the new set of quality guidelines and measures for behavioral healthcare.

$209.00 USD
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